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Friends Account

With the friends account, you could earn extra money1 each month simply by growing your referral network.


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monthly rewards for you & your friends1


Refer friends and you could earn a dollar for each person, up to six degrees of connections, every month1. It can add up!

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Calculate Your Referral Rewards

First Degree Connections Number of people that open accounts using your referral code.

2nd-6th Degree Connections Average number of people who open accounts for each person in your network.

Percentage of People That Qualify Each Month

Rewards Results

$ 268 *

*Requires 15 monthly purchases per month using your mphCard to qualify. $8,500 maximum monthly earnings in Referral Rewards. Calculated earnings are hypothetical or for illustrative purposes. Your results may vary. Please consult the terms and conditions.

Make 15 Purchases a Month With Your mphCard to Unlock These Rewards:



$9 monthly fee

Your account becomes a no fee account packed with great rewards and features. Bank happy for free in no time!


Rewards for you &
your friends1

Refer friends and you could earn a dollar for each person, up to six degrees of connections, every month1. It can add up!

More great account features...


Your Own "Contactless" Debit Card

Your name, your debit card number, and…a smile.


Get Paid Up To 2 Days Early2

It's your cash, get it sooner. Available with any of our spend accounts.


Zelle® Integration3 

A fast, safe and easy way to send and receive money with friends, family, and others.

Screen Shot 2024-05-16 at 10.20.27 AM

55,000 Free AllPoint ATMs

Use the Allpoint ATM Locator4. Your cash is never far away.


Personalized Dashboard

Keep it basic, or change it to make it fit you.


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1 There is a $9/month fee for the Friends account which is automatically waived the first month the account is opened, and the next full month. This fee will be waived each month there are 15 posted mphCard purchases by the last business day of the month. The Friends account has Monthly Referral Rewards. You will get paid one dollar ($1.00) each month, for each verified account you refer, and their connections (up to 6,) if you, and they, have at least 15 mphCard purchases post to the respective account(s) by the last business day of the month. Each member is limited to earning $8,500 in referral rewards per month, regardless of the number of people you have referred, or they have referred. The referral code you create is what links the new account to you. If the new member does not type in your code correctly, you will not get credit. See Truth in Savings Disclosure for full terms and conditions. Customer information is private so we will not be able to share with you the names of those who have opened an account using your code. All deposit products are provided by, and is a brand of, Liberty Savings Bank, F.S.B. Member FDIC.

2Access to funds for getting paid early can be up to two days prior to the date of scheduled payment and is dependent on the submission of direct deposit by the payer. Standard fraud prevention restrictions apply.

3 Zelle® and the Zelle® related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license.

4 Click on the link to locate the 55,000+ surcharge-FREE ATMs in the ALLPOINT NETWORK near you.



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