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NEW! Future account

The future account is a digital savings account that delivers 5.00%APY* on your balance.


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Base Rate: The rate the account is actually earning before any compounding.
APY: The percentage that reflects the interest you earn over a one year period after compounding.

free account packed with great features:


5.00%APY* on your

More interest. More money for you.


No minimum balance to open, no maximum balance for the rate

It's a win-win for you!


Easy to use app with a personalized dashboard

Keep it basic, or change it to make it fit you.


No overdraft or monthly fees

Bye-bye fees. Hello savings.



See all your finances on one page. “Plan” for your future.

View your credit score 

Easily see your credit score and report, get the factors that impact your score, and what you can do to strengthen it.


View and print statements

Access your statements 24/7 right from your app.




Online help and secure chat

Why wait on the phone? If you have a question about your account, or our favorite Girl Scout cookies, use our secure chat. 


no worries has been created by Liberty Savings Bank. Since 1889, Liberty Savings bank has a long history of offering products and services that deliver value first.

In addition, our security programs protect your accounts with the highest level of fraud protection saving you from losses.


boooyahhh! stands for "makes people happy". How? empowering people like you to achieve financial success. You control your money instead of your money controlling you.


* Future accounts earn 5.00%APY (APY stands for Annual Percentage Yield). All deposit products are provided by, and is a brand of, Liberty Savings Bank, F.S.B. Member FDIC.